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Man Meat BBQ Affiliate Program

Are you an influencer?  Do you want to get paid for your influencing efforts?  You can get paid to be an influencer for Man Meat BBQ products.  

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We are a competitive BBQ team that has had great success incorporating our bbq rubs and sauces in to our cooking program.  In fact, our rubs and sauces have made their way in to many other bbq team's cook program with great success.  Check out our Winner's Circle to see where and who is winning.  We sell our product through our website and retailers around the US, Canada, and New Zealand.  Our goal is to get as many people as we can using our products.  It isn't just for BBQ.  We use our products in many different ways and try to showcase them on our YouTube channel when we have time.  

If you like to cook and like to influence and want to earn a little money while doing it, then we want you.  Sign up to be an affiliate and make money every time you influence someone else to buy our product.  You will receive a link unique to you and have a login to track your progress and commission.  

Have what it takes?  Sign up now!

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