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Man Meat BBQ is an award winning bbq competition team composed of a husband and wife duo. 

2020 World Rankings in KCBS

  • 7th Overall

  • 3rd Chicken

  • 18th Ribs

  • 19th Pork

  • 11th Brisket


2019 World Rankings in KCBS

  • 11th Overall

  • 31st Chicken

  • 4th Ribs

  • 30th Pork

  • 47th Brisket


Our passion for bbq and competing has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. Our goal is to provide you with great products from "The Real" Man Meat BBQ.  Our rubs and sauces have been proven in the competition world, as well as the backyard.  We have been providing rubs, sauces, shirts, koozies and other merchandise, and catering services since 2013.

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