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Are you a winner?  Did you use our products to help win?

If you participate in sanctioned competition barbecue events (KCBS, IBCA, CBA, SLBS, MBN, GBA, FBA, BCS, PNWBA) and have won an individual category or overall grand champion using any of our products, then you qualify to be a member of The Real Winner's Circle.  

The Real Winner's Circle qualifiers will receive 2 exclusive t-shirts and a 25% off discount code to be used on our website.

Fill out the form and submit your photos showing your success.  Winning teams will be featured on our social media platforms.

*we will verify your results prior to sending your shirts and discount code.  Multiple wins will make you eligible for multiple 25% off discounts, but there is a limit on the number of shirts received.

The Real Winner's Circle
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The Real Winner's Circle 

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